Feedback and Rating from Participants of


“This was an excellent neonatal update conference with a well organized program. The social program was also great and the organizing committee was not only very efficient but also warm, friendly, welcoming and courteous at all times. Many thanks to all for your organization.”

M. B., Egypt:
“ I’ve been attending this conference for the last 9 years, always up to my expectations”

L.S., Estonia:
“Thank you for an excellent congress! Very glad that I had a possibility to attend! Thank you.”

I.J., Egypt:
“Very beneficial meeting that greatly affects my practice and allows a lot of interaction.”

L.D., Australia:
“Overall excellent meeting. Great range of subjects covered. Highly topical for the most part.”

T. D., Georgia-Tbilisi:
„This symposium is very useful especially for young doctors and investigators“

R., UK:
“Thank for a five star event and the very kind and effective organization“

R. P., India:
“Focused meeting, optimal audience, well organized scientific u. social activities. Interactive, practical topics.”

B. A., USA:
“One of the best conferences I have attended. Every speaker was spectacular, overall felt so welcome by the organizing conference group.“

R. W., UK:
“An excellent, well organized symposium covering a wide range of topics. Thank you”

I. S., Greece:
“Very interesting symposium, very high level of presentations. Excellent speakers. 3rd  time that I attend it.”

C. F. . Canada:
“First time in this meeting. Excellent and well balanced program.”

R. T., Norway:
“Thank you! Robust clinical and scientific program with a nice central European cultural flavor.”

B.E., USA:
“The meeting was superb in its scientific content and organization and the social activities were delightful.”

T.B., Canada:
“The best neonatal ‘Review-Congress’ of the planet.”

H.W., USA:
“No better meeting! It was just excellent. Truly an exceptionally high level of science.”

M.C., UK:
“Very knowledgeable and effective speakers who are very good at turning difficult research into common knowledge. Meticulous and attentive organization.”

R.R., USA:
“Thank you so much for organizing a fantastic conference. Quality of the congress was outstanding.”

K.S., Belgium:
“Please continue like this!”

A.O., Belgium:
“Very up to date and variable information”

C.A.A., USA:
“Wonderful learning experience; city and accommodations fantastic”

N.G., Sri Lanka:
“Thank you very much for giving nominal registration fees for doctors   coming from developing countries” 

M.C., USA:
“This is a wonderful learning experience! I would love to come back 2014!” 

R.S., Norway:
“A fantastic and very high quality symposium!” 

E.M., USA:
“Excellent organization and selection of speakers” 

B.F., USA:
“Terrific conference – well run” 

R.G., USA:
“Best neonatal conference anywhere!” 

E.D., Brazil:
“Congratulations for the excellent symposium, it was outstanding” 

C.W., Germany:
“Herzlichen Dank für diese außergewöhnliche Veranstaltung” 

A.C., Singapore:
„A very stimulating sessions to generate research and interest further to my clinical practice” 

C.P., Romania:
“Wonderful congress and brilliant speakers” 

V.I., USA:
“Thoroughly enjoyable, I will definitely be back” 

H.A., Egypt:
“The best neonatology congress I attend, I go home full of enthusiasm to work and train own residents” 

M.B., Egypt:
“Würzburg after I attended the last three congresses a model of good memories and science” 

D.K., USA:
„This symposium gives me a different perspective than is typical in the USA. I particularly enjoyed the diversity of the participants and the topics. This is my third time in attendance and I hope to return in 3 years. I also hope to encourage some nurse practitioner colleagues to attend.”

Rating 2017

The overall response of the audience was extraordinarily positive.  80.5 percent of the participants felt that the scientific program was excellent (“good”: 19,5 %) and that the conference fulfilled the educational goals and expected learning outcomes (“very much”: 72.5 %; “somewhat”: 27,5 %). 88 percent of the delegates confirmed that the information presented by the faculty members was well balanced and consistently supported by a valid scientific evidence base. The vast majority of the audience felt that there was adequate time available for discussion, question and answers (“Yes always/almost always”: 85 %).

The congress organization also received a very positive feedback (“excellent”: 75 %, “good”: 25 %), and Wuerzburg as congress venue of “Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine” was considered by all delegates as an ideal place to organize such a conference (“excellent”: 75 %, “good”: 25 %).