Prof. Christian P. Speer, MD, FRCPE

Director and Chairman
University Children's Hospital
Wuerzburg, Germany

Dear colleagues and friends,

The VIIIth International Symposium Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine 2017 has been dedicated to my friend Bo Sun, MD, PhD, Shanghai, one of the leading Asian scientists in neonatology. Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine has become one of the largest scientific and educational conferences outside the United States of America. 
Nearly 700 neonatologists from 73 nations enjoyed the exceptionally high quality of the scientific and clinical presentations and the unique opportunity to discuss relevant topics with the members of the faculty. I am most grateful to all speakers and chairmen, - highly respected and distinguished clinicians and scientists – and the sponsors of Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine 2017; without their help it would have been impossible to organize this conference.  
For me, a dream has come true: to bring the most prominent international neonatologists and scientists as well as practising clinicians together and to define standards of neonatal medicine in the light of recent achievements in basic and clinical research.

The overall response of the audience was extraordinarily positive.  80.5 percent of the participants felt that the scientific program was excellent (“good”: 19,5 %) and that the conference fulfilled the educational goals and expected learning outcomes (“very much”: 72.5 %; “somewhat”: 27,5 %). 88 percent of the delegates confirmed that the information presented by the faculty members was well balanced and consistently supported by a valid scientific evidence base. The vast majority of the audience felt that there was adequate time available for discussion, question and answers (“Yes always/almost always”: 85 %).
The congress organization also received a very positive feedback (“excellent”: 75 %, “good”: 25 %), and Wuerzburg as congress venue of “Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine” was considered by all delegates as an ideal place to organize such a conference (“excellent”: 75 %, “good”: 25 %).

This response and numerous positive comments are highly motivating, and I hope you can join us at another “Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine” in 2020.

With best regards,

Christian P. Speer