B.E., USA:
“The meeting was superb in its scientific content and organization and the social activities were delightful.”

T.B., Canada:
“The best neonatal ‘Review-Congress’ of the planet.”

H.W., USA:
“No better meeting! It was just excellent. Truly an exceptionally high level of science.”

M.C., UK:
“Very knowledgeable and effective speakers who are very good at turning difficult research into common knowledge. Meticulous and attentive organization.”

R.R., USA:
“Thank you so much for organizing a fantastic conference. Quality of the congress was outstanding.”

K.S., Belgium:
“Please continue like this!”

A.O., Belgium:
“Very up to date and variable information”

C.A.A., USA:
“Wonderful learning experience; city and accommodations fantastic”

N.G., Sri Lanka:
“Thank you very much for giving nominal registration fees for doctors   coming from developing countries” 

M.C., USA:
“This is a wonderful learning experience! I would love to come back 2014!” 

R.S., Norway:
“A fantastic and very high quality symposium!” 

E.M., USA:
“Excellent organization and selection of speakers” 

B.F., USA:
“Terrific conference – well run” 

R.G., USA:
“Best neonatal conference anywhere!” 

E.D., Brazil:
“Congratulations for the excellent symposium, it was outstanding” 

C.W., Germany:
“Herzlichen Dank für diese außergewöhnliche Veranstaltung” 

A.C., Singapore:
„A very stimulating sessions to generate research and interest further to my clinical practice” 

C.P., Romania:
“Wonderful congress and brilliant speakers” 

V.I., USA:
“Thoroughly enjoyable, I will definitely be back” 

H.A., Egypt:
“The best neonatology congress I attend, I go home full of enthusiasm to work and train own residents” 

M.B., Egypt:
“Würzburg after I attended the last three congresses a model of good memories and science” 

D.K., USA:
„This symposium gives me a different perspective than is typical in the USA. I particularly enjoyed the diversity of the participants and the topics. This is my third time in attendance and I hope to return in 3 years. I also hope to encourage some nurse practitioner colleagues to attend.”